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Managed by a team of experts with critical engineering skills, Solar Solutions professionally supplies, installs, and maintains top quality Solar Photovoltaic Systems (Solar PV).

Under the watchful eye of Project Director, Peter Starke, the Solar Solutions team delivers excellence for every project. With three decades’ experience in the civil and building construction sector, Peter is perfectly positioned to drive his team to engineer and deliver innovative solar solutions.

With a vast collective knowledge base and impressive skillset, the Solar Solutions specialists’ greatest asset is their ability to develop real, lasting relationships with customers. These relationships inevitably become indelible partnerships built on absolute trust and reliability.

With a focus on personal service, the team tailors each installation to the client’s specific current and future needs.

Innovative Solar Solutions

These solutions offer customers reliable relief from constantly climbing electricity tariffs. With consistent, uninterrupted power supply, Solar Solutions customers are unaffected by national load-shedding. Our team of specialists deliver ongoing support, ensuring customers’ systems are perfectly maintained through service agreements.

Why install Solar Solutions?

Save Money

We empower customers to save up to 65% of their current electricity bill. Customers rely less on the national grid, significantly decreasing costs while Eskom continues to hike tariffs. In 2021, electricity has already gone up by 15%!

Minimal Maintenance

Solar PV systems require minimal maintenance, comprising a simple design with no moving parts. You can sit back, relax and enjoy massive savings.  

Become Independent

Whether you want to live off the grid or simply require an alternative solution when load-shedding hits, solar power is the answer.

Guaranteed Performance

Solar panel manufacturers offer a 20 to 25-year warranty and 80% performance after 25 years.

Investment Increases Intrinsic Home Value

Solar solutions equate to equity added to the home, effectively increasing its value. This will attract savvy buyers who appreciate the infrastructure, cost-savings, and long-term financial benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Solar power helps to preserve the environment by using an indefinite, renewable energy source.

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