Want to learn more about installing solar for your business or your home? Read our articles on everything from why you should get a solar PV system and how you can save on tax, to what a solar PV system entails and more.

You got solar installed and it isn’t working correctly. Now what?
We all know that investing in a residential solar system involves a substantial financial commitment. But given the many advantages to moving off the grid, the initial financial investment is more than worthwhile – especially over the long term. However, if the solar PV system you pay for is not well designed or has been...
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Solar Case Study: CONDIO South Africa
CONDIO is a family business based in Europe, with over 20 years of experience in providing innovative stabilisers for the food industry. With a global reach of more than 10 countries, CONDIO services their clients from three major countries: Germany, Spain and South Africa. CONDIO is a leader in the field of sustainable manufacturing of...
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Do you need permission to install solar panels in South Africa?
If you’re intending on installing solar in your residential home in South Africa, you’ll need permission to do so by applying to become a small scale energy generator (SSEG) with your local municipality. This requirement was first introduced in 2017, and since then the application process and requirements have been modified and added to significantly...
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The environmental and social advantages of a commercial solar system.
When it comes to commercial solar installations, most South African businesses are aware of the obvious economic advantages of solar: there’s the long term savings and tax incentives they enjoy from switching to using solar energy, and then there’s the increased production capabilities and peace of mind that comes from a more stable power supply. ...
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Can I remove my solar panels when I sell my house? Here’s what you need to know.
Increasing numbers of South African homeowners are seeing the benefits of a solar installation on their residential property, or upgrading to solar from an existing battery backup system. But what happens if you decide to sell your property after you’ve installed a home solar system? Can you remove your solar panels, or must they stay...
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How do you choose a solar system for your home?
Before you go ahead with a residential solar solution for your home, here are 10 questions you should be asking that can help you maximise your solar investment.
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