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Limited Concrete Roof
Our client sought to achieve full autonomy for their energy requirements, enabling them to contribute surplus energy back to the City of Cape Town (COCT). Overcoming the unique challenges posed by their roof structure, we collaborated seamlessly with a certified structural engineer to secure comprehensive building regulation approval and adhere to the highest engineering standards....
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Large Home with lots of guest rooms
Our esteemed client sought to achieve comprehensive energy independence, desiring to power pool heating (achieved through the installation of a heat pump), all underfloor heating, and heated towel rails. In the context of a region marked by frequent electricity interruptions, exceeding the typical load-shedding schedule, and situated in a rural expanse amidst farmlands, our team...
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Airbnb Loadshedding Free
This residential property comprises multiple Airbnb units, now enjoying uninterrupted power supply without the inconvenience of load shedding, leading to a substantial reduction in monthly utility costs. Leveraging existing components from a previous installation, we successfully executed a comprehensive upgrade, enhancing the system’s capacity to meet the specific needs of the client. The result is...
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Pumps and All
This expansive residence relies on solar energy and storage to power its deep three-phase borehole pumps and meet the energy needs of the entire household. Additionally, the client had an existing solar system with single-phase equipment in place. We seamlessly integrated this pre-existing solar setup into our upgraded system, now enhanced to three-phase power, effectively...
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Veterinary Clinic
This veterinary facility is powered by solar energy and storage, ensuring a sustainable and reliable energy source for deep three-phase borehole pumps and the entire household. Additionally, the site is equipped to maintain optimal temperatures for its patients through continuous heating or cooling, 24/7. Our comprehensive solution guarantees a seamless and professional energy infrastructure, addressing...
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Sun and Sea
Nestled by the serene expanse of the sea, this coastal residence has embraced a sustainable energy transformation with the installation of a state-of-the-art solar hybrid battery system. The picturesque house, once vulnerable to the disruptions caused by load shedding, now stands resilient with a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates solar power and energy storage. This...
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