Residential Solar

Get instant answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Do you cater for EV charging?

Electric vehicle (EV) charging takes a significant amount of power. If you own one, we offer a tailored advisory service to help integrate EV charging capabilities into your solar system to accommodate the battery charge you need – whether it’s multiple panels or a more powerful inverter. Remember that each manufacturer has a different power supply that will need to be installed, so we’ll provide a customised solution depending on the particular EV you own.

How do you stay on top of the equipment you use?

We only use quality brands for our inverters, batteries and panels. We’re continually testing every brand we use, including new ones entering the market – so if there’s a better value product that becomes available, we’ll use it. In short, you get the best quality equipment that offers the best value for your money – and that you know will last.

How does your two-year workmanship guarantee work?

If there’s an issue with the equipment or setup of your solar PV installation, we’ll fix the issue free of charge within the first two years. If you have an issue and you’re outside of this two-year guarantee, we’ll advise on the issue and fix it if needed. This will involve a standard callout fee and then a quote for the fix involved.

Can I upgrade my inverter now or in future?

Yes, we can – all our systems are fully upgradable. You may have an existing inverter that you want to upgrade in terms of capacity. Or, you may want to install a smaller inverter now that suits your budget and then upgrade in a few years. Whether it means replacing the inverter you have or adding more to your system, we can help. We’ll chat with you holistically about your goals in the short, medium and long term, and help you formulate a plan that scales up over time to match your energy needs.

Will my solar PV system cover my security equipment?

Absolutely. Having a solar system installed means you’ll get continuous power with no interruptions to things like CCTV cameras, alarm plugs and gate motors. This gives you peace of mind that your premises are secure despite any power outages.