How is my solar installation tax deductible?

Yes please read the tax advice on the residential (personal tax) and business (S12B allowable deduction) then we have two pdf for this

If you have a solar PV component, you can offset the tax on the cost of the installation – plus get the VAT back. So, for example, if you currently pay 27% company tax, this means you’re getting VAT back plus another 27% of the ex VAT cost you’ve incurred, which means huge savings. Read our tax advice for residential installations, or tax advice for business installations.

Many of our commercial clients simply need to get through loadshedding, so they start with a battery backup solution only. However, we advise that you get solar (even with a small amount of panels), as the entire portion is then tax deductible. Considering that the most expensive parts of your system are the batteries and inverter, you’ll get a tax rebate for these components even if you only have a small number of panels.