Solar Case Study: CONDIO South Africa

Posted March 2024

CONDIO is a family business based in Europe, with over 20 years of experience in providing innovative stabilisers for the food industry. With a global reach of more than 10 countries, CONDIO services their clients from three major countries: Germany, Spain and South Africa.

CONDIO is a leader in the field of sustainable manufacturing of food technologies. As such, they use lab/scientific methodologies to produce the highest quality in food products for their respective clients.

Sustainability challenges

In keeping with their long term commitment for environmental sustainability, CONDIO South Africa commissioned a Solar PV project from SSESA for their Cape Town manufacturing premises. With South Africa experiencing frequent power outages (loadshedding), this causes significant disruption to manufacturing companies across the board. The subsequent high demand for green energy was therefore even more of a priority for CONDIO, in addition to their ongoing efforts to move towards more sustainable manufacturing.

The project

CONDIO’s solar PV project commenced in 2022 and continues to be developed. The current scope is as follows: 

  • Capacity: HV 100 kVA
  • Inverter Type: Hybrid
  • Generation Capacity: 105,6 kWp
  • Module Qty: 192x 550w
  • Array Type: Roof Mount
  • Storage: HV 100 kWh
  • Location: Killarney Gardens 
The results

While many South African businesses are impacted by power outages, CONDIO’s investment in solar PV has greatly improved their operations and efficiency in meeting client output requirements. As an example, within the last three months, CONDIO South Africa achieved a 68% supply of green energy, having a 90% solar PV coverage during operation hours. 

Their commitment to reduce carbon consumption is of the highest standard and as such, battery storage was incorporated in the embedded generation to mitigate power outages. The fact that none of this power is generated by burning fuel in generators means that CONDIO is among only a few manufacturing companies in South Africa now contributing significantly toward their environmental responsibilities.

Not only has CONDIO seen an immediate return from reduced usage of diesel generators for backup, but now they’re even closer to meeting their environmental sustainability goals in the foreseeable future.  

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