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Ensure optimised energy usage while reducing operational costs

Whether you’re an office park, a factory, a shopping mall or a farm, commercial businesses need a constant power supply. Depending on your business’s particular needs, growth plan and budget, our team of certified, highly experienced engineers will design a turnkey commercial solar system that ensures immediate energy savings and no downtime.

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Engineer designed turnkey systems

Our 30 years of engineering experience and team of registered electricians means we’re able to design a top quality commercial solar and/or battery systems which can be integrated with existing generators and/or other power generating plants.

Legislative Compliance

Our turnkey solution means we complete any and all legal and municipal requirements for your commercial solar installation. including compiling the mandatory health and safety file, contractors liability insurance, Tax advice and projected ROI.

Fully PV GreenCard Accredited

All our equipment is approved by the necessary bodies under SAPVIA with PV GreenCard accreditation. This allows for finance approval with Financial Service Providers (FSPs) along with the relevant tender or quote.

Modular Systems

Choose to install your backup power on your commercial premises in phases: start with an inverter and batteries, and move to solar when your budget permits. We recommend at least some Solar PV for the S12B allowable tax deduction, and then later increase the Solar PV to your full energy requirements.

Guaranteed Quality

Our unique two-year workmanship guarantee means we replace or repair equipment at no charge to you within two years of installation after which we offer a comprehensive SLA.

30+ Years

Industry experience


Your journey with us

  1. 1. Get a quote:

    Leave us your contact details and we’ll contact you to get your specific requirements for your commercial solar system. We’ll explain the entire process including all legal requirements and any municipal legislation that may apply to your business. We’ll analyse your monthly energy consumption to provide projected ROIs and full metering (if needed) at your premises for accurate design.

  2. 2. Legal assistance:

    Once the quote is approved, we process all documentation and liaise with legal and municipal bodies so your commercial solar installation runs smoothly. We’re fully certified with all the necessary medical certification for the OHS Act including implementation and disclosure with reporting.

  3. 3. Tax assistance:

    We’ll help you with the details of offsetting the tax on the cost of your business solar installation, plus how to reclaim the VAT. Learn more about how to do this.

  4. 4. Installation:

    We book our team for an installation date at your business premises. We’ve also partnered with highly skilled specialist engineers and electricians for any extra work you may need, including the installation of generator tie-ins or gasifiers.

  5. 5. Putting the system to work:

    Once your commercial solar system has been installed, we’ll train your employees to use it.

  6. 6. Post-installation support:

    We’ll continue to evaluate and monitor your system, and can provide ROI reports, tax advice, possible feedback options if feasible and ongoing system maintenance through optional service level agreements.

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